The Farm

Glaneirw Coach House is set in the grounds of a Georgian Mansion, surrounded by 50 acres of pasture and woodland, and it is from here that we farm our Dexter Cattle and rare breed pigs.

Holiday cottage on a farm near Aberporth

Glaneirw Mansion and The Coach House sit in the centre of the estate and are surrounded by 50 acres of both pastureland and long-established woodland. It is from here we farm our herd of Pedigree Dexter Beef, rare breed Mangalitsa pigs and eggs from our free range chickens. We produce free range, pasture fed Dexter beef, whilst the pigs forage in the woodland, both breeds have been carefully selected for the quality of their meat. Dexter’s are the smallest breed of cattle in Europe, originating in Ireland. In the 1930’s the breed was in danger of being wiped out, but has now become increasingly popular for the quality of it’s meat, frequently popular with Professional Chefs. We breed free range Mangalitsa pigs, for our choice of pork, these run freely throughout our woods most of the year. The meat has a distinct marbling giving a rich, flavoursome texture, often considered to be the pork equivalent of Kobe Beef. During the autumn and winter months they are fed on our own apples and pears produced in the estate orchard. Glaneirw also produces an array of both soft fruit and apples and pears, grown as established stock in the both the orchard and Georgian walled garden.

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Glaneirw Free Range Pork & Beef

Our livestock are lovingly reared, in small herds, but it is not always possible to supply the meat fresh, at times our products will be supplied frozen.

Rare breed Mangalitsa x Saddleback Pork

Loin Chops – in 500g pack of 2£10 per kg
Boned & Rolled Pork Loin – 1–2kg£11 per kg
Pork Shoulder Joint  – in 1–3kg joints£10 per kg
Leg of Pork Joints – boned & rolled –  in 1–3kg joints£10 per kg
Belly Pork Joints – Boned – in 500g to 1kg joints£8 per kg
Pork Tenderloin in approx. 300g packs£8 per kg
Pork Leg Steaks -2 x 25og packs£10 per kg
Diced Pork Leg – 500g£8 per kg
Minced Pork – 500g£8 per kg
Pork Sausages – in approx 450g packs of 6£9 per kg
Pork & Apple Sausages – in approx 450g packs of 6£9 per kg
Back Bacon – in approx 200g packs 4-6 rashers£12 per kg
Dry Cured Gammon Joints – Boned & Rolled£12 per kg
Dry Cured Gammon Steaks – 2 x 250g£12 per kg

Pedigree Grass reared Dexter Beef

Fillet Steak£30 per kg
Sirloin Steak£23 per kg
Ribeye Steak£20 per kg
Rump Steak£20 per kg
Topside Joints£10 per kg
Silverside Joints£10 per kg
Brisket Joints£8.50 per kg
Braising Steak£8.50 per kg
Stewing Steak£8.50 per kg
Shin of Beef£8.50 per kg
Best Mince£8.50 per kg

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